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About the band: We are a multicultural protest punk rock band born in Venezuela, now based in Paris with a multicultural diversity that comes from each of us. We sing in favor of social awareness, thoughts and freedom of speech, and life. We actually speak a broken english between us but we’re doing fine.
In the scene, we’ve shared stage with Dischord and TheZeta, from Venezuela. With Lagwagon, A Wilhelm Scream, Adolescents, F.O.D, For I Am, Darko, 69 Enfermos from Colombia, (MorningWood Records), DobleD from Mexico, Play Attenchon from Ecuador. We’ve performed in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela; United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, France. New cities are on our way to be found.


2nd Class Substitutes, Punkrock (AT)

2CS is a 4-piece melodic punk rock band from Vienna. It may remind many of their peers of the 1990s Burning Heart Records stuff they grew up on, but that is not all there is to it. If you listen closely, you will find a love for roots music and various elements spanning from rockabilly to hardcore punk. At the core, 2CS is about good songs delivered with a punch. For it is not about four chords, it’s about what you make of them.



Vergangene Termine