Yoruba Records feat. Gabriele Poso

Wir verabschieden uns vom Sommer und heißen eine neue Saison willkommen. Wer Lust auf Wiener Club- DJ's hat, kommt nicht aus am 03.10. in der roten Bar vorbeizuschaun. Gute Beats versüßen zum Season Kick-Off eine weitere Nacht auf der Tanzfläche. Nicht auszudenken ist das einzigartige Ambiente, dass das Volkstheater dazu bietet.

Ken Hayakawa (Schönbrunner Perlen)
Sebastian Schlachter (FM4 La boum de luxe)
Eizi Ho (Bahia/Aut)
Dj Gü Mix (Austro-Carioca/dubclubVienna)

Special Guest:
Gabriele Poso is a producer, virtuoso multi-
instrumentalist and the musical director of the
The Yoruba Soul Orchestra for Grammy award winning
DJ/ Producer Osunlade. Gabriele was born on the island
of Sardinia, Italy but his constant passion to expand
his musical horizons has brought him to the
capital of Rome, the islands of Puerto Rico,
Cuba, and most recently Berlin.

"Good, Special, Different.“ -Lefto [Brownswood /Studio Brussel]

Very high level. Excellent voice, deep vibes but at the same time fluent and fresh with a divine sound."
-Gino Castaldo [Repubblica]

"Having culminated and defined his sound through his love of percussion, Poso's exceptional talents as an all-round multi-instrumentalist, writer, composer, producer, etc, have been honed over years of live performances and strong affiliations" - Imran Mirza [Liberation Frequency]

"Amazing, organic, simple, effective and beautiful. A nice refreshing chapter in the evolution of music. " -Osunlade [Yoruba Records]

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