Wiener KammerOrchester

“I’m­ so ­excited­ and­ happy ­to­ come ­to­ Musikverein­ Graz­ again­ and­ to ­sing­ for­ the­ wonderful­ public!­ I­ have­ such­ warm­ and­ emotionally­ profound­­memories­ from­ all­ my­ past­ concerts­ here­ that­ it‘s­ like­ returning­ home­where­ I­ meet­ again­ my­ family­ and­ may­ exchange­ the­ wonderful­ magic­ that music ­provides.­” (Elīna­Garanča)

Werke von Jules Massenet, Giuseppe Verdi, Hector Berlioz u.a.

Vergangene Termine