What would Spock do?

Gary Thompson used to be a full-blooded trekkie, but now he’s just a normal guy. However, when Gary meets a new work colleague, he immediately notices she has a haircut just like Mr. Spock and wears a Star Trek badge. Should Gary confess his secret nerdy past life? Will he risk his hard-earned social status and admit his love for the star fleet to his dream woman?

The show answers with the most important and crucial counter-question: What would Spock do?
“A geek’s dream come true! Effective, amusing and affecting.” (London Times)
“A bittersweet story. Highly engaging.” (Edinburgh Evening News)
“A delight! Warm, funny and inspiring.” (The Scotsman)

Jon Brittain is a dramatist, author and director. His works to date have included: “Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho” (Edinburgh Festival, Leicester Square Theatre), “Phillipa and Will are Now in a Relationship, The Sexual Awakening of Peter Mayo” (Edinburgh Festival) and “My Imaginary Friend Patrick Stewart” (Soho Theatre, reading).
Sam Donnelly studied at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. Amongst other things, he has played in the fringe hit “The Bunker Trilogy”, (Edinburgh Festival), “Of Mice and Men” and “Lord of the Flies” (Broadway Theatre), and “Richard III” (Iris Theatre).

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