Wet #8

Dear lovers, Next Wet is on and we can't wait to shake our booties with you. We invited our talented lover Ace of Diamonds from Berlin to heat up your hearts and have it squeezed after by your local slayer Antonia XM.

This time we have a little change. As you all know Wet is a party for lesbians* and their friends and we do not want to exclude anyone, but more importantly every woman* or non binary person has to feel comfortable and save! Therefore we need to ask our as male identifying guests to send us a short message with a codename (no need for real names) starting now and ends just before the party starts. Everyone who did so can enter the club by saying their codenames and is warmly welcome to join us shaking. Everyone who did not, is not. No exceptions!

Please also share this info!

Line up in order of appearance:

+++Dj Kündigung (Wet Vienna)+++

+++Ace of Diamonds+++

+++Antonia XM (Ashida Park)+++

Vergangene Termine