Wet #14

Opera Club

1010 Wien - Innere Stadt, Mahlerstrasse 11

Di., 24.11.2020

23:00 - 06:00
Corona-Virus: Ab 29. Mai sind Veranstaltungen bis 100 Personen wieder erlaubt. Ab 1. Juli bis 250 Personen, ab 1. August für 500 bis 1.000 Personen. Sicherheitsregeln gelten weiterhin.

Wet is a party for lesbians* and their friends and we do not want to exclude anyone, but more importantly every woman* or non binary person has to feel comfortable.

Everything in this world seems to go wrong and 2020 is gonna suck too! But we can stand together and dance.


Dj Übergang

THC / Tania Humeres (Multisex Berlin)

Rosa Anschütz (Dj Set)

We need to ask our as male identifying guests to send us a short message with a codename, starting now.
Limited capacity, first come first serve!

Since we intend to create a safe space, the door policy will be strict as usual.
We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination.
NO sexism
NO homophobia
NO racism
NO heterosexism
NO transphobia

The actual club is situated in a basement and unfortunately can only be reached through a staircase.
Therefore the location is not accessible for people who use a wheelchair and we are very sorry about that.

Entry: 8€ before 24 and 10€ after