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WerkStatt: Sonntag w/ Jung An Tagen & Dvrst live

WerkStatt: Sonntag


Jung An Tagen LIVE (Editions Mego)

An drei Sonntagen im Mai und Juni stellen wir in Wien ansässige Musiker_innen ins Rampenlicht unserer Bühne. Dabei soll ein Querschnitt der elektro-akustischen Vielfalt geboten werden.

Jung An Tagen is the primary music act operating inside the Virtual Institute Vienna. By using substractive synthesis and sampling techniques Jung An Tagen builds aleatoric arrays, repetitive figures & polyrhythmic moirés circulating around distinctive timbres and haptic fragments, resulting in a vision of morphing movements between high energy and zero gravity states.
Due to the synaesthesian nature of the VIV, Jung An Tagen is bound very closely to a specific visual grammar and is intertwined with video art, even though the performative settings are usually reduced to music only.
Previously, Stefan Juster was mainly present with different bands & monikers on labels like NotNotFun, Blackest Rainbow, 100% Silk or his own imprint SF Broadcasts.

About DVRST:
ABU GABI and ND \/\/arl0rd, new performance collab breedin discord and unity between club culture and experimental arts.

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