Vienna Dubwise #17 - Lion‘s Den ls. Kali Green

We invite all of you to this edition of Vienna Dubwise! Let’s have a joyful night together and indulge in rythm & rhymes with Lion's Den alongside Kali Green, Pablo Raster and Danubian Dub Family. We will set up the system with full horn power to provide massive vibrations and goosebump reactions.

Lion's Den

Lion’s Den is a label, a sound system, a studio and a production and promotion force from Berlin, Germany.

Started by the musical activist Ras Lion a few years ago Lion’s Den has constantly been moving forward on all aspects of delivering finest in conscious music ever since – in the studio, on vinyl or at a dance.
Always on a musical mission to merge creative energies – connecting different people, different influences and inspiration – Lion’s Den is working with various vocalists, musicians and producers from all over the world.

The record label is specialized in Dub, Steppas, Reggae, and other music in the same terrain on vinyl and digitally.

A fine selection of records, tuff dubs and conscious lyrics, some heavyweight speakerboxes and amplifiers and a deep love for the music combined provide for positive vibes and a special experience at any session near or far when Lion’s Den come with their sound – Ras Lion (selekta / operator / engineer), mostly joined on lyrical duties by the multilingual MCs/singers Kali Green and konTa or guests.
The agenda: word, sound and power.

Another strong force in the Lion’s Den is designer, selekta & producer Darkwing Dub from Austria with some great visual and musical artillery.

Lion's Den is regularly organizing sound system sessions in Berlin and around and, other than Germany, has played in countries like Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Festival appearances include Fusion, Dub Camp, Dub Stone, Reggaebus, Dour, Reggae Jam, No Logo, One Love, Seasplash, Serendubity, and several others.
On their journey Lion’s Den has had the possibility to work and share stages and controls with many of the ‘greats’ of the scene – united on the mission to spread music they love.

List of releases they have been involved with:

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Pablo Raster

Musician, singer, producer, he is the founder of RasteR with whom he has produced 7 albums and has performed more than 1000 concerts in Italy and in Europe. He has been produced by Madaski (Africa Unite, Dub Sync) with whom he shared the stage on several occasions, he has collaborated with Zion Train, Vlastur, Dziga, Ricc Frost, Kg Man and Kasia Malenda.
He produced 2 albums for DMA, the self-titled album by Dub Fighters and released dozens of remixes and dub for Italian and international artists. He plays as dubmaster for Marcello Coleman, performing in Italy and in Europe.

Art of Dub is his first solo album as producer, with 11 tracks of pure dub music featuring international artists like Dan I (Imperial Sound Army), Barry Isaacs, MrDill Lion Warriah, Sandro Paradisi, Natty Sly, Valentina Benaglia, Violinbwoy.

Forever Dub is his second solo album, released May 30, 2016 for Elastica, containing 12 digital dub steppa music tracks, including collaborations with Fikir Amlak, Marcello Coleman, Antz-Oni Rubio, Zaira Zen, Sandro Paradisi, Luigi Leoni, Alessandro Musco.

His live dub set is a mix of electronic sounds mixed with effects such as delay, reverb, phaser, syrens, filters that make the show unique and unrepeatable every time. The show is full of energy and it is impossible not to dance from beginning to end. At the microphone he brings artists who accompany him to make his show a must dub night.

More infos will follow soon, so stay tuned...

Peace, Love & Unity - Dubwise is the word...

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