Variety Season Opening - Sandrino

This season, we're gonna use your electric potential to accelerate your body and to convert your positive charge into DANCING energy.

FJU:current is a Variety of electronic charge⚡

An electric potential is the amount of work needed to move a positively charged unit from your home to a specific point inside Pratersauna without producing an acceleration. Typically, the reference point is Earth or a point at Infinity, although any point
beyond the influence of the electric field can be used.

In our third season, we are inviting you to be part of the FJU:electronic cicruit and to charge your body with positive electrons.


Sandrino || [Sum Over Histories]

Scherlenbacher || [FJU:]

Glashaus || Hosted by Lo-ve-Fi




Werner Fuhry

Bunker with the FJU: of us:

Eren Duman [FJU:]

Kono [FJU]

Sharee [FJU: / Society Music Recordings / Pure Dope Digital]

Visuals by master Mehrdad Derafshi

Entry: 10€ <00:00> 12€ <01:00> 15€

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