Original play by: The Ensemble, Director: Alexandria Rust.

Desiree Jakobs
Jana Stadlmayr
Dominic Waldnig
Isabella Hirtl
Alexandria Rust

Alexandria is a professional actor and singer based in Chicago. One year ago, she decided to go on the quit-your-job-book-a-one-way-ticket adventure. Today she has no plans to stop traveling, but still calls Chicago one of her homes, partially for her passion for performing in the Saltbox Theatre Collective Ensemble. She is excited to share this piece, Unpacking, in Innsbruck, another city with a vibrant creative pulse. The piece is "a collaborative work,” Alexandria says. "It is based on my own experiences traveling, but was half thought out and written when I gave our ensemble the scripts. Only with the actors’ generously sharing their own experiences and ideas were we able to put together this performance. The piece is about the complex process of growth that happens when you are in an unfamiliar place, out of your routine, and separated from your identity back home. Traveling forces you to be with you in an intense way. That is the most challenging, most lonely, most important, most beautiful thing, if you can let yourself be open to it.”

Vergangene Termine