U!Meet: Find a Friend. Gain a Community. by U!Shine Vienna

Looking to connect with others and engage in a friendly community? Perhaps you just want to melt stress for the day, and have a laugh or two? Well, look no further than joining us at a U!Meet!

It’s like speed-dating, minus the romance. U!Meet is a chance for you to come as you are and meet new people in a fun, relaxing way.

Everyone will be given two categories of questions to choose from - one with light topics, and the other deep. Through these questions, you’ll be invited into a safe space to get to know the person in front of you, and naturally connect. You’ll have 3 minutes to ask and answer the questions, and once the time is up, you move onto the next person and continue the fun! Plus, at the end you'll have a chance to swap contact details and furthur the conversation.

This event has limited seating, so to gain access into this month’s U!Meet please register your ticket responsibly. €10 will secure your ticket, as well as a light snack and coffee/tea provided by The Cake Tree. Make sure you arrive on time - we start promptly at 18:30!

We also hope you feel the freedom at this event to share and delve as deeply as you want to. We also hope that you’ll make some friends, create new memories, and laugh with us too!


Location: SocialWork Hub, Althanstrasse 8, 1090 Wien. Come in through the garage entrance and use the elevator. We are on the 6th floor. There will be signs and U!Vie people available to escort you.

Accessibility: The location is fully accessible with a wheelchair.

Sustainability: Please DO NOT print your ticket. Just save it on your phone as an email or image.


A big THANK YOU to our partners, the SocialWork Hub and The Cake Tree for helping us out with this event!

*Please note: There will be a photographer at the event. A person attending the event who does not wish to have their photo taken must make their wishes known to the photographer, and/or the event organizers.

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