Turbo w/ DJ Nobu

NOBU’s stance as a DJ can be best described as underground — his persistence is undisputed.

However, that should not be confused with stylistic inflexibility. In recent years, he has been programming his set around highly abstract techno with authentic floor anthems, textured avant-electronic music as well as unknown house tracks, along with even more obscure contemporary electronic pieces. He excels in threading challenging tracks from his wide repertoires into a compelling story.


DJ NOBU (OFFICIAL) | Future Terror | JP

Alex Maurer | Turbo Projects | AT

KITCHEN By e.Royal & Rick Layer (Bday Bash)
e.Royal | Legendary Truckpack
Chris Deloki | Will & Deloki
Bodo | Circa afterhours
Rick Layer | Turbo Projects

AK: 13 EUR

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