Tropical Thunder Opening

Shake your hips in the tropics somewhere between the Port of Indecision and Southwest of Disorder. No GPS works here. Palm trees provide the camouflage. Passports are not required. Island music rules. Meet us at the thatched roof bar or simply come to Luster Bar this very night!

Hey dancers!

The tropical boys are back from a long summer break (after many outdoor parties on the Donauinsel and in Albania). We kept on digging and we got lotta new tunes which, we wanna play for you at our next intimate and hott dancefloor experience. Don't miss it and come early!


Monsieur Gostoso
(Tropical Thunder | Island Music | Body Heat | Vienna)

Guy LeDouche
(Tropical Thunder | Island Music | Body Heat | Vienna)
For further parties follow me Monsieur Gostoso:

Retro Zouk * ✰✰* French Boogie * ✰✰* Afro Beat * ✰✰* Brazilian Edits * ✰✰* Afro Bubblegum ✰✰* Voodoohop * ✰✰* Italo Disco * ✰✰* Oriental * ✰✰* Soca * ✰✰* Kompass * ✰✰* Tribal * ✰✰* 80s Reggae * ✰✰* Dub * ✰✰* Cumbia ✰✰* Cosmic * ✰✰* Chillrave * ✰✰* New Wave

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