Trash.on or on Contemprification

Eine Performance über die Zweifel an unserem Jetzt, der Gegenwart unseres Denkens, unserer Gefühle und Erwartungen. Wann ist Kunst Kitsch? Sind wir nicht längst Kitsch? Und was ist vom Künstler vor lauter Netzwerken noch übrig.

„Trash on“ or „On Contemprification“ is a performance about not knowing. About beiing an artist and a human beiing in doubt.
About why creating is not producing.

This performance is orientated on the contemporary artfield itself, the personal and professional situation of artists today and the influences of liberal market principles on artproduction, speaking about art and behaving of an artist. The research of „funding ideologies“, „wording“ of critical discourse within the field, principles of the artmarket and the artist himself as a human beeing and part/product of artmarket, networks and society.

While aiming to find a physical form of expression for a complex theoretic discourse, a continuous transformation in structure, order and role, true and fake information create different perspectives.

How does „contemprification“ works? Where is the very thin line between authentic art and artfield produced „trash“ to be set? What does artistic trash stands for, is trash the same as „Kitsch“ or is „Kitsch“ nowadays „Avantgarde“?

Vergangene Termine