Tiefton Variety pres. Aera

Tiefton Variety is a collaboration between Tiefton Anomalien and FJU:, two Viennese collectives that share the same passion towards quality electronic music. The collaboration is set to keep the focus on the music and the artists invited.

▪ MAIN ▪
Aera [Innervisions | Hivern Discs]
Scherlenbacher [FJU]
Gebetho [Tiefton Anomalien]

▪ SIDE ▪
Christoph Mertsch [Rainbow Rangers]
Max Scheiber [FM4 Swound Sound]
Mr. men [Wohnzimmer.Sessions]
Eren Duman [FJU]

▪ Visuals by Mehrdad Derafshi

Admission: 10€ < 00:30 > 12€

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