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Thirsty Eyes

Im Rahmen des Flex Popsommers spielen Thirsty Eyes at Flex Garten!

Since their emergence in early 2016, THIRSTY EYES have come to be recognised as major pillars in the falling masonry of Vienna Modern Raunch. Damning contemporary prepossessions for the self-important, humorless and boring, THIRSTY EYES stand for rough and unpolished Rawk-N-Roll: Preserved in alcohol and stripped to the skeleton, yet boisterous and charismatic, sometimes close to sheer unconsciousness. Accordingly these kids know their business, being well prepared to play various popular novelty tunes like the Ding–dang–a–dong, the Higgle–dy–piggle–dy as well as the Yukkum–yukkum (my personal favorite) . Just believe me, these THIRSTY EYES are on a mission and blessed with the rare ability to convert your average Polka audience into batshit loonatics.

Special Guest!
we are incredibly excited to announce our first live show together with KRISTOF HAHN (Swans, Les hommes sauvages, Sultans of Gedankenbrain ) who´s gonna let it loose with his lapsteel guitar.

DJ-Set by the Universal Beatnik aka Al Bird Dirt (Trash Rock Archives)

Pay as you wish!

BEGINN: 17:00

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