The Who & The What

From Ayad Akhtar, the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer of Disgraced and The Invisible Hand, comes a thrillingly fierce and funny new play about identity, religion and the contradictions that make us who we are.

Once again, vienna theatre project tackles deep rooted stereotypes in their production of this controversial piece. Lead character, Zarina, has written a manuscript about interpretations of the Prophet Mohammed, and it’s about to set her conservative, yet Western, life on fire.

Growing up Muslim with her close knit family in Atlanta, Georgia, writer Zarina has led a very Western lifestyle, although within the constrains of her somewhat conservative background. She meets Eli who, as a Western convert to Islam, and an Imam, is the crossover between her two worlds. Her family think she is writing a book on gender politics, that in itself daring, but the foundations of who they all are and what they believe in are shaken when the truth comes to light. The Who & The What cleverly examines the chasm between our traditions and our contemporary lives.

Direction: Joanna Godwin-Seidl
Starring: Saman Giraud, Roxana Rahnama, Harmage Kalirai, Dave Moskin

Vergangene Termine