The Tempest

American Drama Group Europe and TNT Theatre Britain geben ein Gastspiel in englischer Sprache.

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, our little lives are rounded with a sleep”, Prospero tells us that this play is a waking dream, possibly the most profound fantasy ever written, as well as a thriller, a romance and a slapstick comedy of the highest order. Shakespeare conjures this world through some of his fi nest poetry and boldest comedy, it is his farewell to the stage and an epic of forgiveness as Prospero embraces his murderous brother. In the earthy demon Caliban and the nimble spirit of the sky Ariel, Shakespeare creates two of his most memorable characters, polar opposites who struggle for freedom on the magical island that is surely a metaphor for our inner selves.
But if the play is full of poetry and profundity it is also one of Shakespeare’s most popular and accessible plays: the action takes place within a few hours, there is only one setting (the magical isle) and the story is clear and concise. From the wonderfully conceived opening storm to the final departure of Ariel into the freedom of the skies it is a gripping drama that is justly one of the most performed plays ever written.

Award winning director Paul Stebbings employs dynamic physical theatre, a cast of multi skilled actors, live and specially composed music, dance, broad comedy, sensitive verse speaking and the imagination of the audience to create total theatre that draws on Shakespeare’s own style.

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