The Importance of being Earnest

Two bachelors, having nothing better to do with their days than engage in conversation and nibble on Lady Bracknell’s cucumber sandwiches, invent „very useful“ and „invaluable“ alter egos, in order to escape the monotony of their lives.

Both using the pseudonym Earnest, they try to win the hearts of Gwendolen and Cecily... Wilde, in all his genius, ridicules the sensibilities of Victorian society with brilliance and ease, using some of the most bizarre and best loved characters in British theatre! As the plot thickens, and truths emerge, the vital importance of being earnest is a lesson to be learned through hilarious misadventure!”

by Oscar Wilde – in englischer Sprache!!!

Director: Alan Burgon
Costume Design: Jennifer Kobb

tickets by Telephone Mon-Fri between 10am-2pm
+43 (0)680 225 12 90

Vergangene Termine