Pop / Rock

The Fuzillis

This non stop, rock’and’roll grind-a-go go machine was formed in London in late 2014 and features the high energy rock and roll twang of guitar player Dan Criscuolo; the sleazy, growly tenor sax-tones of Mr Brian Evoy; the thunderous jungle rhythms of Toby “The Hammer” Ungless and the low down tones of the boss of the bass, Mr Frankie Fuzilli Sr.

For this they mix up a sleazy atomic age r’n’r cocktail blending Link Wray and the craziest Las Vegas Grind tunes with a large shot of Grady Gaines’ Upsetters, a dash of The Fabulous Wailers, a big old slice of Desperate Rock and Roll topped off with some of the wildest titty twistin’ tunes on the Planet Earth.

Live activity includes multiple Spanish tours and Dutch tours, the Festival del Valle di Tobalina (with Mambo Jambo), headlining The 10th Anniversary Rock and Roll Circus in Amsterdam, Weirdsville (London), What’s Cookin’, Bule Bule Toga Fest (with Les Grys Grys and Dr Explosion), The New Barcelona Hayride and Funtastic Dracula Carnival, Benidorm (with Guitar Wolf) and Hipsville Festival (UK), Surforama (Spain), Voodoo Festival (Italy), Cosmic Trip and Montesquiou On The Rocks (France) and The Rockabilly (Rave), Sjock (Belgium), Le Beat Bespoke, and many many other shows.

In 2016 they released their debut single Mogul Monster c/w Beavershot on strictly limited 7” vinyl through FOLC Records and in 2017 they released their first LP “Grind A Go Go, Volume 1” on FOLC Records (LP / CD) and Dirty Water Records (Digital). 2019 will see them start work on the follow up LP.

The Fuzillis… One word instr-o-mental grind-a-go go party monsters who’ll make you twist till your toes bleed.

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