The Future Vol. 05 + Lila Tirando a Violeta, Zion Flex, DVRST

w/ Lila Tirando a Violeta + Zion Flex + DVRST

Lila Tirando a Violeta

Lila Tirando a Violeta is the solo project of Uruguayan electronic music artist, producer, DJ, vocalist, songwriter and performer Camila Domínguez. Lila is known for experimenting with different styles and genres, from ambient to club music, and collaborating with an array of artists from different fields. Lila's versatility and wide range of influences can be heard throughout her discography – from her early music, which first gained notoriety within the vaporwave community, to her most recent releases, which are influenced by hard club sounds and Latin music. Lila is also one-half of pop music duo A.M.I.G.A, which combines a shared interest in pop culture and performance art. The band has played pride parades across South America in support of LGBTQIA+ rights. Lila has also been responsible for the organization and booking of international and local music events, visual art showcases, art installations and exhibitions, and has worked with influential names in the music industry, including Ariel Pink, HKE, NAAFI, Dream Catalogue and Emil Montgomery. She has worked as host for NTS Radio (London) and Internet Public Radio (Guadalajara), and is a co-owner of record label Tekres.

Zion Flex

Singer, songwriter and MC. Bass heavy music with soulful vocals from the UK. Living transformer, high energy performer, everlasting battery.


Fridges be like sssrrr, hisss, brr
fridges are our friends, we wanna sound like them

Performance collab of ABU GABI and ND VVarl0rd, breeding discord and unity between club culture and experimental arts.
Post-rave waves movin the illbient and noisy, influenced by the potential of trance outta classical minimalism. Deep swirling synths, painful poems, dripping vocal spheres, creeping bass music into the abyss of self.

THE FUTURE believes that power against a hetero-patriarchal, capitalist society resides in the relentless formation of solidary communities and pro-active initiatives that open space for the exchange of ideas, political thinking, creative process and technical skills.

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