The Future Vol. 04 1YA + The Boiler, Wien Diesel, Johnny Geiger

1 Year Anniversary of THE FUTURE.

The Boiler LIVE
Wien Diesel LIVE
Johnny Geiger LIVE
Multiple Spirits Vol. 02 zine release by Mika Maruyama + Mai Endo

x Doors at 22:00 x

LINEUP ( it's a Thursday, we start punctual)
22:30 Johnny Geiger
23:30 Wien Diesel
00:30 The Boiler

THE FUTURE believes that power against a hetero-patriarchal, capitalist society resides in the relentless formation of solidary communities and pro-active initiatives that open space for the exchange of ideas, political thinking, creative process and technical skills.


Weirdo-Dreampop meets Electronica meets Postrock meets DIY-Pop-Minimalism. Melancholic but consoling.


Tribal, Wien, Gas station, Car, metallized, Tattoosock, V-neck, Thunder, Gatorade, KP3, Mini & Maxi, Bald head, Military Baby, Diesel Jean, Acid washed, Moon washed, Fancy denim, Attack, Howling, Hi, Smile, Brigittenau, but we still need love ‘cause we're just a man.


On her latest album BODY=DEATH, The Boiler reckons with precariousness, change, vulnerability, resilience, relationality and resistance, and calls for the solidarity and love that can unfold within collectives, hoping to outgrow and transform
the destructive need for private, heteronormative romance.
The Boiler is part of the Linkes Musiker_innenrats Netzwerk.

MULTIPLE SPIRITS Vol. 02 zine release
Multiple Spirits is a bilingual queer art zine from/within Japan, based in Vienna and Tokyo. It was founded by Mika Maruyama and Mai Endo in 2018 to feature art and culture from the queer and feminist perspective, especially in Japanese cultural context. Inviting a wide variety of artists, researchers, designers, cultural workers and activists, each issue has different thematic content with interviews, essays and works by the contributors. Through our series of the zine, we wish that we acquire variety and choice of language to express our current world alongside art practices.

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Freie Spende - Empfehlung 7-10€

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