The Future Vol. 03

THE FUTURE VOL. 03 FALL EDITION w/ sick acts Infinite Palace + Lamb Kebab + DJ Hauswein.

THE FUTURE believes that power against a hetero-patriarchal, capitalist society resides in the relentless formation of solidary communities and pro-active initiatives that open space for the exchange of ideas, political thinking, creative process and technical skills.


Rachel de la Torre is a Cuban-American rapper based in Berlin working under the name Lamb Kebab. Her lyrics are an exploration of amorality, taboos, and sexuality with topics ranging from abuse to body positivity and sex work.

Prod. by RR


Formerly known as Crazy Bitch in a Cave, Vienna-based singer and producer Infinite Palace stays to true to his love of genre-fluid pop songs and creating a space for questioning fixed identities. Known for his forward-thinking DIY queer pop and theatrical live performances, he nowadays shows a bit more restraint and introversion, but still has one foot on the dancefloor, letting his falsetto vocals soar.


DJ Hauswein is Zahra Khan, an Irish/Pakistani artist and DJ based in Vienna. She’s the promoter of the Common Contact events and a founding member of the I've Got My Period collective. Musically, her roots are embedded in hip hop culture, but she has embraced current and emerging club genres as the years have gone by. Hauswein avidly follows the evolution of and movements within these forms on virtual platforms such as Soundcloud as well as on location wherever the action happens. When she steps up you can expect boundary-pushing, hip-thrusting, smut-spitting sounds aplenty.

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