The Future Sound

The Future Sound #90

Elsa Hewitt (UK)
Kirk Barley (UK)

Abby Lee Tee

Elsa Hewitt (UK)
Described as the offspring of Quilt Jams, in this album, Elsa Hewitt takes a minimal approach to a soulful, psychedelic and high-energy sound, staying close to certain themes throughout, whilst giving each track both a unique character and equal weight within the collection.

CAMD is a brand new collaborative project formed between drummer Matt Davies and producer Church Andrews (Kirk Barley). Their key creative process involves using triggers on a drum kit, which when played send messages to trigger chords and sequences of digitally synthesized sounds. Which then are developed further and automated as they play. Using this process as a foundation to create there music, and working with a minimal sound palette, they explore and experiment with different time signatures and morphing temporals, and often work with alternate tuning systems such as just intonation scales or observed tunings derived from instruments and objects from across the world and ages.

Kirk Barley
Landscapes is the latest release from prolific Yorkshire born composer and producer Kirk Barley. Across a tight 34-minute runtime, the album presents eleven short pieces that inhabit an exotic, other-worldly space of chiming guitars, buzzing insects and squelching synth tones. At once static and constantly shifting, the pieces unfold themselves like views of a landscape, where we take in individual details one at a time while always remaining aware of the whole. Landscapes is an unassuming but powerful work that uses a rich array of details, materials and techniques to conjure 11 snapshots of a unique sound world, one both comforting and disorienting. Recommended for anyone moved by the evocative sketches of Eno’s Music for Films, the fourth world fusion of Jon Hassell, the abstract explorations of the far-side of club music techniques of Giuseppe Ielasi/Inventing Masks or the tropical soundscapes of Lievens Martens/Dolphins Into The Future.

Vergangene Termine