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Thank U For Smoking, Andrew Medwed & Past Perfekt

Thank U for Smoking is a musical project active since 2009. Since the beginning, the main concept that characterizes the band is the sound: hours of jam were spent to analyze the meaning, the proportion, the idea. The initial attitude entirely devoted to instrumental improvisation, was later structured and ordered to create an exact mix of vocal and instrumental melody. They have played more than a hundred concerts (more o less 160gigs), where they shared the stage with, among the others: Killing Joke, Tying Tiffany and were supported in the Sardinian tour Mombu (former member of ZU and Neo); soundtracks for independent films and an EP released in February! 2011 sold out. In May 2012 they have released their first album: “Dopo la quiete” which has received great reviews. In “Dopo La Quiete” there is also a collaboration with the independent Videofactory “Quadratino Pericoloso” which has produced a DVD entitled “Island”: the images captured in Iceland by Quadratino Pericoloso with the instrumental music of the band created something strange, unique. The DVD has been recorded in the Municipal Theatre of Serramanna (Sardinia) in February 2012.

Andrew Medwed

Andrew Medwed is a singer/songwriter/drummer from Kharkiv, Ukraine. First 10 of his musician years were dedicated to drums. He played in a couple of well-known bands in the CIS, and crossed Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia, as well as the Eastern and the Western Europe on his tours. He recorded a few big! releases with his bands, and helped a lot of friends to record their own stuff.
For the past 10 years Andrew has been writing songs, but never showed them to the crowd. And 2 years ago a big life changes made him look at his future from another angle.
All these years he thought that his vocal was far from great. That’s why he was a little bit shy to record his own music. A year ago he recorded a debut single, called “Falling Down Blues”, as an exeperiment, and shot a video for it. The feedback was really unexpected, and the local crowd in Ukraine and Russia loved the song. That was the inspiration to start a giant work to make his biggest dream become a reality. August 20, 2013 – the day when the first single from an upcoming album was released. It’s called “Whiskey & Rain”, and the video for it is in rotation now on the one and only TV-Channel for rock music in the CIS (A-ONE TV).
September 20, 2013 – ! the day, when Andrew’s debut album “Free Man” came out.

About “Free Man”
The album is called the “Free Man”, bringing you the collecton of songs about freedom – freedom and happiness in your relationships, freedom from the stupid society that we are living in, and what is the most important – freedom inside your head. That’s the main theme of the whole album.
Pretty much it was “The project of life” for Andrew, because he has never recorded a full length album by himself, playing all the instruments on the record.

past perfekt

Während Cello und Geige miteinander turtelnd durch die sphärischen Gitarrenklänge schweben, gibt ein solider Bass vom Boden aus groovige Rückendeckung, gleichwohl unterstützt von den aufbegehrenden Schlägen des unfehlbaren Schlagwerks. Dies schafft die perfekten Voraussetzungen für die dunkle Stimme der Sängerin die sich mit kraftvollen Schwüngen einen Weg durch das Tondickicht bahnt und dabei ihre Geschichte erzählt.

past perfekt ist eine sechsköpfige Band aus Wien…. Katharina Past (vocals), Bo Wiegesagt (guitar), Alex Sloyan (bass), MiG (drums), Aaron (violin), Ulrike Kreuzer (cello)

Info-Website: interpenetration.net

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