TEDxKlagenfurt 2018 - Trust

It's time for TEDxKlagenfurt again - a full-day "experience" event incl. After Show Party!

Join us on Saturday, June 16th in Klagenfurt for our 6th annual TEDx event!

Tickets available at www.tedxklagenfurt.com/#tickets

The topics of TEDxKlagenfurt 2018 sessions:

Health & Social Activism
AI & Language
Medicine & Science
Culture & Art
Innovation & Technologies
Education & Leadership
Relationship & Society
Economy & Institutions
Design & Architecture
News & Media
The Self

Trust is the crucial element of any relationship and the core of all interactions taking place in the world today. From our closest person to a complete stranger, in our everyday life, we have to choose to trust other people. Trust seems to be the most personal and at the same time the most publicly perceptible thing we own.

In a perfect world, we can trust our partners, leaders, colleagues, politicians, educators, doctors, journalists, but also institutions, technology, machines. But isn’t our most important task and responsibility to first trust ourselves, our guts and our own abilities to achieve great things in order to build our own world, even if it’s imperfect?

In the era of fake news, photoshop, limitless dreams and social media perfection - who do you trust?

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