Tasting Japanese Whiskies

Raise a dram amongst friends!

All Whisky friends, fanatics, newbies and just about anybody interested in a good drink: Join us for our Whisky Tasting evening. Let's enjoy a rare selection of amazing Whiskies together!

This week's Whisky selection: Japanese Treasures!

When: Wednesday, 22 May at 21:00
Where: Chupitos Bar Vienna, Kurzgasse 6, 1060 Vienna
This time 5 Whiskies (1cl each) for only 15 EUR

Amazing Whiskies from Nikka, Suntori and quite some more.

Narrative in English and questions will be answered in both German and English. Every week we have at least one new exciting and rare Whisky from all over the world for our drinking pleasure!

We are Whisky enthusiasts so we will have this tasting every two weeks. The next event is on 8 June.

See you on the 22 May for exploring Japanese Treasures.

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