Table talk #2 - english: Breaking the (dating) rules!

“Table talks” wants to enable inspirational, relieving, respectful, deep and just beautiful conversations about the topics of interpersonal relationships, communication and self-awareness. It is for Singles and for people in any sort of relationships. (Table talk is NOT a dating-event)

Sometimes it seems difficult to talk about certain topics with your friends and family. Sometimes one would like to hear different perspectives out of ones circle of acquaintances. And sometimes it seems one can talk almost endlessly about a certain topic.

Profound philosophical questions can occur at the same time as grueling questions, like why someone is not getting any message after a One-Night-Stand. Anything that is concerning us, gives or steals us energy, creates or dissolves misunderstandings or sets our hearts aflutter (for whatever reason) could become a topic.

Every meeting has its own guiding theme. At the beginning we will give a short input about the topic. Then we will just let the momentum of the conversations flow and we will only occasionally provide new impulses if necessary. Nonjudgmental and respectful interactions are the basis for every round of talks. It shall enable everyone to talk freely whatever your heart feels. Whatever is said in the rounds stays there and will not be taken outside.

The participation is for free. But for organizational reasons it is a necessary to register before the event. The “table talks” will be held in a slightly detached area. Orders of drinks and food are highly welcomed from the restaurant. The first half an hour is planned for the arrival and gathering. The talks about the topics are planned for two hours, but you can feel free to stay longer and keep on the conversations.

Who is arranging the table talks? They will be organized from the founders of Slow Dating Events Vienna, Helena and Till and also moderated from other team members. Everybody has a deep private and professional engagement with Communications and relationship topics as well as a lot of experience with self-development, group-dynamic processes and reflection.

Since we founded Slow Dating Events Vienna we were able to be part of wonderful and magical moments. We got to know a number of great people but could only briefly start deeper conversations through the lack of time. Table talks should give these conversations a framework. We are really excited to dive with you into the topics, share stories and thoughts and spend an evening with you!

Our topic for table talk #2: Breaking the (dating) rules! They are everywhere: In our most favourite sitcom, in our newest must-read book or in our regular talks with friends - Everywhere we are confronted with dating rules. Why are we so packed up with them? To make dating easier? But do they make dating really easier or even harder? Let’s talk about your experiences and the impact on your dating life. Let’s laugh about some dating rules which definitely don’t belong in the 21st century. Let’s break some rules.

This table talk is held in English.

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