System A hosted by Dynamic events

Systema stands for triple A of Aida Arko, Annika Stein and Alecid, is a young international female Techno project founded in 2019. Promoted by Fredrika Ferkova from respected collective - Hausgemacht.

They are each individually come from different art and creative backgrounds and run their own Projects, Together they deliver a spectacular stage performance.The vision of SystemA is present a strong female figure in the Music industry and break the boundaries with producing, promoting and Organizing Events.

All night long with Dj Mark dale !

Line up:

▪️S Y S T E MA▪️

▪️S A H A▪️

▪️W H Y A M I▪️

▪️_MARK DALE - ( Republic Artists ) - AUT

Start: 23:00
Eintritt:: €8

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