Summer Self Care Program: Reclaiming Myself - by U!Shine Vienna

Let’s be real, here. Life would be easier if it weren’t for, well, human beings. Often, we’re told who we are and what we should do, and we lose ourselves in the avalanche of voices.

But life can be easier, and even rewarding, when we learn how to tap into peace with ourselves and with others, and develop the habit of drawing boundaries between ourselves and whomever, or whatever, messes with our awesomeness.

And we do that by reclaiming ourselves.

If you’re sticking around this summer and crave structure, support, and positive influences, then we highly recommend our summer community program, Reclaiming Myself.

Reclaiming Myself is an active, engaging, 4 or 8 week-conversation created to give you valuable, substantial, and beneficial inner-self training. You can actively develop a better life for yourself, internally and externally through this regular dialogue.

It’s fun, safe, friendly, and led through personal and educational experience by meditation expert and life coach Lisa Hoerburger.

Sign up before June 18th and recieve a self-care gift!

*This is both an offline and online program. Participants who cannot make it to the offline meetups will be provided with a recorded session.

For any questions please email us at: [email protected]

Program Dates:

4 Week Program Program: 25.06 - 16.7 - How to Achieve Inner Peace in your Daily Life

Week 1: Defining, clarifying, articulating the problem + self-reflection hour.

Week 2: Activate mode ‘’inner peace’’ *OFFLINE MEETUP

Week 3: Changing your frequency - the power of gratitude

Week 4: Setting your Anchor *OFFLINE MEETUP

8 Week Program: 25.06 - 13.08 - How to Achieve Inner Peace + Protect Personal Boundaries

Week 1-4 plus...

Week 5: Becoming aware of your own personal boundaries

Week 6: Stating your mission: Who do you want to be? *OFFLINE EVENT

Week 7: How to interact with others

Week 8: Setting boundaries - talk, describe, protect *OFFLINE EVENT

More on teacher Lisa Hoerburger: When it comes to stress and how to deal with it, Lisa considers herself an expert. Having worked in multiple demanding jobs and high paced environments in Germany and Austria, she is very much aware of the effects stress can place on one’s body and mental health. Lisa struggled extensively with sleep difficulties and stress in her job, and came to the conclusion she needed to change something. It was then she decided to start learning about mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Eventually she become a certified life coach in Vienna for personal development, resilience, and stress management, and is happy to be a team member of U!Shine Vienna.

Lisa's FB page: https://www.facebook.com/onlinecoachingforyou
Lisa's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellascoaching2018

Location: For offline events: SocialWorkHub - Please watch this video to see exactly how to get there! Althanstrasse 8, 1090 Wien. Come in through the garage entrance and use the back elevator. We are on the 6th floor. There will be signs and U!Vie people available to escort you.

Accessibility: The location is fully accessible with a wheelchair.

Sustainability: Please DO NOT print your ticket. Instead, SAVE your ticket on your phone as an email or image.

Photo Disclaimer: To honor privacy for this special program, no photos will be taken at the offline meetups.

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