Sudoku Killer

Five years after her Sudoku Killer band’s debut, bass player and composer Caterina Palazzi is back with new album "Infanticide" (released by Auand Records), and a 50-date tour in Italy, Norway, and the U.S.
This provocative, unconventional work recalls such a milestone as "Incesticide". An intentionally strong title inspired by Nirvana,
both musically and emotionally. In Caterina Palazzi's own words, Infanticide «is meant as a virtual murder of the childhood vision of the world, with the good guys as winners and the bad guys as surrenders.» It's the loss of pure, playful ingenuity, that makes room for a troubled, often bitter maturity. All this reflects into the album deeply electric, breath-taking tracks.
Compared to her previous work with the same band, this album seems to be set in a North European soundscape, and the quartet members' background arises in a delightful mix of jazz, psychedelic rock and experimental music.
As a sort of inner tradition, the second work title anticipates what’s next: the third album will focus on the bad guys in Disney
movies. An eternal "flash forward", started with "Sudoku Killer" – with both its literature-inspired characters and a title that
anticipated this second album, the first work was inspired by the popular Japanese logic game, whose conceptual rules can be
easily found in "Infanticide."
Caterina Palazzi has filled all of her five tracks (four of them being made of three parts) with electronic effects – notably Giacomo Ancillotto's distorted guitars and Antonio Raia's sax experimental approach, besides the leader's own bass lines and Maurizio Chiavaro's drumming. Skillfully handling her jazz sensibility, as well as post-rock, noise and film music, Caterina Palazzi's gift as an (award-winning) composer is more and more evident, and totally aimed at finding new music paths.



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