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Struma+Iodine #100

Celebrating the 100th issue !!

▲ Ewa Justka (Inner Surface Music)
▲ Rosa Anschütz release-show "Rigid" (Quiet Love Records)
▲ Pure release-show "Post-Euphorian" ([aufnahme + wiedergabe]) vs. ▲ M-F-X
▲ Jung An Tagen release-show "Proxy States" (Editions Mego)
▲ Alpha Tracks release-show "Contract Labour EP" (Blue Hour)
▲ Misonica
▲ DJWarzone
▲ Inou Ki Endo

ROSA ANSCHÜTZ pres. "Rigid"

If there is a way to describe the affect of us transitioning from the physical realm into the digital/virtual, musically, this EP would be that. Vertigo spells. A mild sense of disaffect offset by extreme wonder at the encounter of the beautiful uncanny. Anxiety. All of this is captured in the highest emotional resolution possible on Rigid, the stunning 4-song post-techno/post-punk/noise/ neo new wave/art pop EP from trans-media artist, composer and vocalist Rosa Anschütz.


PURE pres. „Post-Euphorian“

Pure has been producing and performing radical electronic music since 1991. He has played everything from tiny squats to mid-sized clubs and warehouse raves. His live sets merge three decades of electronic dance music with everything slow, heavy and grim – broken post-techno via doom metal, noise and dark ambient.

vs M-F-X (aka Thomas Mahmoud)

JUNG AN TAGEN pres. "Proxy States"

In his third release on Editions Mego, Jung An Tagen continues to expand his unique vision of oblique electronic music mixed with future dance club sound. In “Proxy States” techno is evolving into another realm. “Proxy States” is his most formulated attempt to combine modern composition techniques with ritualistic techno aesthetics.This self-contained explosion offers the right coordinates and propels the listener to Jung An Tagen’s sonic realm.



Felix Benedikt began his musical education under the tutelage of Erdem Tunakan at Cheap Records in Vienna, before moving on to TONGUES in the same city - the store where the Alpha Tracks project first began to take shape courtesy of studio located above the shop. With his largely retro-futuristic, but decidedly fresh approach to high energy proto-Trance he makes for a glowing addition to Luke Standing’s Blue Hour stable.


EWA JUSTKA (Inner Surface Music, PL)

Ewa Justka is a polish electronic acid-technoise artist (oh, how edgy), self taught instruments builder and electronics teacher. She is interested in the notion of materiality and an investigation of modes of quasi-direct perception through extreme light and sound actions, electronics, hardware hacking, breaking, deconstructing, wiring - or, to put it bluntly - designing synths and playing hard techno. Ewa has performed and led workshops at festivals and venues like: Norberg Festival, Unsound Festival, CTM Berlin, Loop Festival, Sonic Acts, Supernormal Festival, Insomnia Festial, Cafe Oto, and more.


MISONICA (femdex / Noods Radio)

Misonica conveys her strong vision of sound in her multilayered sets, delivering an intriguing selection from Early Electronics to tribal beats and noisy Industrial, from psychedelic Cosmic to obscure Techno, from rough Electro and Post-Punk to experimental sounds. Next to her frequent djing she plays an integral part in promoting the egalitarian and subversive potential of alternative club culture in Vienna. She is resident on the Bristol Noods Radio with her monthly show Imbroglio and is also part of the project Femdex, which is highlighting female-identified Djs and producers.


DJ WARZONE (Natural Sciences)


INOU KI ENDO (Struma+Iodine / Unsafe+Sounds)

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