Love is Strange Night: Venus Volcanism & In Atlas and The Damski

Love is Strange and Vinylograph night pres. V.V.I.A - Venus Volcanism & In Atlas (athen/copenhagen).

V.V.I.A Is a collaboration between the Greek artist Venus Volcanism and the Danish artist In Atlas. The artists are trying to create an environment - an imaginary field - in searching for, doubting and redefining ideas of love, hate, frustration, anger, existence and humanity with a sense of imperfection. Their music contains different kinds of sounds including theremin, synthesizers, samples and vocals in the sphere of darkwave, postpunk and techno.

The Damski (vienna)

"The Damski is the newest, latest, coldest of cool that the Vienna one-person-act roster presently has on offer. For her solo project, multi-genre multi-instrumentalist Theresa Adamski (Crystal Soda Cream, Lady Lynch, Beach Girls and the Monster, etc etc) serves an icy strain synth wave that will have you cry frozen beads. Bring on the hailstorm!"
(text by Ana Threat)

Aki Mou (DJ debut!)
Kate Kristal
Karl Knall
Love is Strange DJs

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