Speed Friending - Make New Friends With Ease

SIGNUP LINK : https://www.meetup.com/speed-friending-events/events/264471593
More Info: https://www.speedfriending.at


JOIN our Group NOW:

Before arrival

• Bring existing friends if you have any
• IMPORTANT: Bring a pen
• Location: House of Bandits

Upon arrival

  1. Ask the organizers with the yellow vest for the "welcome package"

  2. Follow instructions from the envelope

  3. Hangout while we wait for all to arrive, around 5:30pm we will start

  4. You have 4 minutes to talk in pairs, when the gong sounds, you will switch partners, don't forget to write down your partner's number if you wish to meet them in the future

  5. At the end we will have a more open round where we put more people together to chat.

  6. After the Event we will head to Wombats all together

Make sure you have filled in the Details on your unique so you can receive the matches! Save the link from the envelope you receive on the day of the Event.

++ We will have breaks in-between. ++
++ You can come/leave anytime ++
++ There will be refreshments ++

Entry is 5 EUR!


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