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Sounds Queer? Festival

In January 2019, SQ? comes back to Vienna with a 5-day festival of workshops and jams.

Now a collective, SQ? has prepared an exciting and extensive set of the skill-sharing session in hopes to inspire new electronic musicians. The workshops cover DIY electronic circuits building, introductions to working with hardware synthesizers and sequencers as well as music productions techniques using DAW. As before, Sounds Queer? invites femme, women, non-binary and gender-nonconforming and non-normative nerds to join them in exploring queer sounds. The festival will be topped with collective jam-session performance and a cozy networking get-together.

Each workshop costs 5 euro and 10 for DIY electronic circuit workshops (including materials), the full festival pass (5 different workshops plus materials) is 30 euro. All donations will go towards opening up a Queer Sound Laboratory and Synthesizer Library in Vienna.

-> Workshops prioritize femme, women, afab, non-binary, trans, queer folks but everyone is welcome as long as they are willing to reflect upon their own privileges (how easy it is for them to gain this kind of knowledge, how often do they speak/ reach out to teach the gear first) and take a step back to create more space for others.<---

Workshop will be guided in English.
REGISTER VIA [email protected]


9-10 January
16:00 Workshop: Introduction to electronics. Build your own synth! I/II
20:00 Open Tech-Jam

11 January:
17:00 Workshop: Field recording Kick Off
19:30 Workshop: Introduction to synthesizers and sound synthesis.
Open Queer-Sound-Jam

12 January:
14:00 Workshop: Introduction to MIDI and Sequencing.
Workshop: Ableton Live Production Techniques
20:00 Final Performance

13 January - Open Evaluation Day:
16:00 Cosy synthesizer hang out and networking
18: 00 Open discussion on queer sound and evaluation


Zosia Hołubowska is a non-binary sound artist, musician and activist. As a founder of Sounds Queer? they have been organizing and facilitating workshops on synthesizers since 2014. They share their time between performing as a curvy synth witch Mala Herba, promoting femmes and non-binary artists in electronic music as a member of Oramics, and working on their PhD thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, exploring the idea of queer sound.

Violeta Gil Martínez is a Spanish culture manager and musician. She has been working on creative technologies and education during the last five years, teaching and organizing workshops on e-textile, 3D Printing, and music & DIY electronics. She spent this year working for Ars Electronica and producing pop electronic music as Matte/Glossy.

Adele Knall - A | M | K (1990, Austria) is a visual artist, radio producer, musician and cultural and social anthropologist, lives and works in Vienna. Studied Jazz at the Vienna Conservatory and Art and Digital Media at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She focuses on sound, installation, animation, video, 35mm film, language, performance, hacking, sculpture, DIY. In 2017 „50Hz“, a radio project she co-founded, won the Austrian Radio Prize for Adult Education.

Aja Ireland is a sound artist based in UK. Through her over sensory stimulation performances, she explores the issues of resilience and trauma healing. She has performed all over the world, providing a unique experience, merging soundscapes, visuals, costumes and choreography. Aja is also an experienced workshop leader and SQ? collaborator.

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