Sofia Goscinski - Believer

Sofia Goscinski’s work is marked by values, rituals and the relation between objects and material. Her pieces are are imbued by a mystic aura which evokes a kind of fascination, seemingly familiar and yet not. They invite to further engagement potentially leading to hypothetical explanation for their existence. Goscinski’s works lure the viewer into a world of fantasy and curiosity, far away from our daily routines. Simultaneously, the viewer is confronted with societal and personal malfunction which hits back reality and evokes a deep feeling of uncanny irritation. Her pieces induce animist myths, and denote a signposted history of the arts. The artist integrates its symbols into her own aesthetics, creating a signature language of form.

Sofia Goscinski disconcerns the viewer both aesthetically, by undermining any possible trendiness and also conceptually, by concealing the interpretive trails, leading to a powerful tension. A recurring concept in Sofia Goscinski’s oeuvre is the testing of limits of her viewer’s awareness, as well as her own. Her work, which embraces and frequently overlaps a wide range of media including sculpture, photography, performance, video and readymade, questions basic values that form the cornerstones of modern society like happiness, freedom and sanity, and presents them in a way that throws them into the fray with their evil counterpart (sadness, captivity, madness), moving along the fine line that demarcates them.

Vergangene Termine