SNS+ Transformer: Mchy i Porosty & Mala Herba & Misonica

Sorry Not Sorry + TRANSFORMER present: a night of hybrid, twisted danceable electronics.

Mchy i Porosty [pl]
Mala Herba [vienna]

dj set:

damage: donation, we suggest 7 euro

Mchy i Porosty [mosses and lynches]
Lichenological, melancholic danceable music by Bartosz Zaskórski, visual and sound artist. Distorted, lo-fi techno from a small village in Poland.

Mala Herba
Enchanting, hypnotic wavey tunes. Synth witchcraft is back to Vienna.

Mchy i Porosty & Mala Herba will play a hybrid set, organically transforming mosses into wild herbs...

The night will be crowned with a dark techno set.

Poster drawing by Bartosz Zaskórski. Riso prints will be available at the concert.

Sorry Not Sorry is aiming at creating an inclusive space, celebrating femme and non-binary expressions in all shapes and forms. there will be no patience for abusive, toxic and shitty behaviors. be excellent to each other!

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