Situational Leadership MasterClass

A highly interactive and comprehensive executive management master class encompassing, personal skills, leadership, strategy, management, organisation and business focus.

The programme will provide all the participants with the skills and insights to develop high performance leadership, strategy and organisational issues, understand themselves and others and then to expand and capitalise on the learned skills to operate more effectively in their management teams.
They will learn the importance of flexibility, focus, empathy, encouragement and a well balanced approach and that awareness, thinking styles, problem solving skills, emotional intelligence and cultural matters are important in guiding both yourself and others towards success, creating smart people and people smart strategies.

Presented in modules over two days the programme maintains the balance between personal skills, leadership and organisational success throughout. It is informative, searching and includes several highly inter-active workshops for all the participants, who also have the opportunity to learn and discuss in case study format how other companies have been successful.

This advanced programme will motivate participants to raise their own personal level of skill and understanding. It will generate the enthusiasm and the attitude to successfully utilise some new techniques and to advance and develop the competence and success of the organisation. This masterclass expands on the traditional situational leadership framework to provide real depth to your learning experience and enhance focus and skills.

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