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Sir Robin & The Longbowmen / Treibsand

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Sir Robin & The Longbowmen
Germany | oriental organ neo psych
Drenched with the vibe of lysergic infused fuzzed out and haunting surf guitars that are both held in check and romantically spurred on by shimmering sitars laced with trippy garage psych vocals, they create a mystic atmosphere of dreamy hypnotic songs that slowly ebb and morph into nearly one conceptual piece that lays across you like a warm blanket coved with magical patterns for eclipsing the sun and recipes for mind altering chemical potions.

Vienna | Mundart lo-fi neo psych
Sometimes it's hard to put bands into a specific genre, especially Treibsand. They mix psychedelic, lo-fi and indie sounds and create an atmosphere you can't compare, the viennese dialect makes their sound even more specific and unique. Also they have a Danzer cover on youtube which is pretty cool!

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