Silvester Au

SUB is dead - long live SUB!

The same time last year we had our very last party at SUB which was a 20 hrs DJ marathon including many of the regular SUB DJs and promoters.

For this new year's celebration we hope to resurrect that same spirit that drove us to party til the bitter end last year. An end which just happens to be the beginning of something new, the subterranean sub.serpent only seemingly asleep but ready to jump out of hybernation mode when the opportunity arises.

Since the ghost of SUB is still spooking around and seems to be haunting the AU lately what better place to summon it than where the whole idea started in the first place.

LINEUP tba.. all SUBs welcome to drop us a line if you feel you wanna get onboard!

Greetings, Love and Chaos!

Vergangene Termine