Shutdown & Restless presents Signs (FR)

Halftime | Drum & Bass | Basshouse | Dubstep

Shutdown#27 & Restless proudly presents Signs

"What's poppin', mans,
mans never been in Flex when it's shutdown eh?
Trust me blud"

SIGNS are a DnB trio who have been tearing an exquisite path through the DnB scene with a sequence of huge releases on well-respected labels in the relatively short span of their existence. Their roots in Toulouse, France, and having all separately made their marks on the DnB scene with releases on labels including Dissected Culture, Chronic, Trouble On Vinyl, Vandal Rec, 36Hertz and Kosen Prod; they emerged into a whole new realm of production after combining their talents. Already hugely respected in the French DnB circuit, they subsequently exploded into International awareness with their first 3 exquisitely crafted releases on 'Red Light Records', 'Bad Taste Recordings' and ‘C4C Recordings’.

2015 brought with it some further mighty steps for the trio, which started with their ‘Headbolt – Codetalk’ release on Gridlok’s project 51 label, through a flurry of releases on French labels Vandal and Kosen which culminated with their debut release on RAM Recordings on Audio’s RAMlife compilation and their astonishing entrance to the Eatbrain label in the form of their ‘Naked Lunch’ EP. These huge releases were followed up with inclusion on Ed Rush’s personal Piranha Pool imprint, with these tracks featured on his Fabriclive mix, as well as the astonishing ‘Less Is More’ track as part of the MethLab // 1 EP on Bad Taste Recordings and tracks on the massive Mirror Universe LP from Eatbrain.

This year to date has seen the trio become a part of Noisia's might Division Recordings roster with their unique take on half-step in the form of DIESEL, as well as releasing on Australian label Plasma, alongside experimental dnb producer hybris.
With their TC & JAKES “REP“ Rmx alongside AK:Ash and the long awaited “UNCHAINED“ forthcoming on SHOGUN Audio 100 EP early summer , and Now with “Clap yah“ just released on DIVISION VA/EP #2 and a Solo EP for the Noisia Boys also on the way , the boys are on fire …..

With their initial releases straddling the Tech and Neuro genres, their sound has massive appeal, and combined with their energetic live show they have the power to send any dancefloor into fits. The trio are continually evolving their sound in the studio, carefully carving out what is set to be a bright future through their particularly original flavour. SIGNS is definitely a name to keep a close eye on – these guys are on the way to the top…


➢ Signs (Eatbrain/Bad Taste Recordings/Division Recordings) FR

➢ Subcircus B2B Haptic (Restless)

➢ Synopsis B2B Tyrant (Restless)

➢ Coma:State B2B Phyz Drop (Restless)

➢ Menace (CITY WARRIORS VIENNA/Masters of Dirt)

Hosted by Dreadbore MC (Restless)

€10,- til midnight / €12,- afterwards

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