SENS solo show vernissage feat. PALM BEACH DRIVE

CHIDO adj. [col.] (Lat.Am.: Méx.) cool, nice

CHAFA adj. [col.] (Lat.Am.: Méx.) something of a low | quality, fake

¡CHALE! (Lat.Am.: Méx.) [expression] "damn!"; "oh my god"; or "yeah right"

Mexican street artist and illustrator Sens brings his brand new series of works with the title „CHIDO, CHAFA, CHALE“. These slang expressions commonly used in Latin America and Mexico variate the meaning according to the context, portraying the complexity of latin american language as well as its society. His detailed cartoonish works combine tradition, folklore and are impregnated by his environment, using elements of Mexican collective memory.
Sens has participated in over 40 collective exhibitions around Mexico as well as in diverse urban art and graffiti festivals.

More: improperwalls.com/chidochafachale.html

Together with the show Pierpaolo (CIG Collective, Campania-Italy) will be at the turntable and friends from Palm Beach Drive are gonna make you dance!

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