Scumfest #3! Johnny Geiger, Bosna, Loather & Kassettenauflegerei

SCUMFEST nummero 3!

Johnny Geiger
On her fourth solo release Linz-based musician (also: 1/4 of POSTMAN, 1/3 of Musheen) and visual artist Johnny Geiger squints through the paper-thin slit between echo-laden half-sleep and hard-hitting reality, wearing her heart on her sleeve when she takes us on dark & intimate trips through (in)human condition, charged by desire and dismay. Brooding and ghostly Johnny Geiger ’s minimalistic pop tunes nag at your soul, worming their way into the essence of things. Meet you at the joints of heart & brain!
Out on 05.02. – in a coop of CUT SURFACE & Epileptic Media.

Hypnotische Loops, düsterer Gitarrennoise, brachiale Drumbeats, sowie minimalistische Vocals definieren den rauen Sound von BOSNA. Das umtriebige Wiener Noisejazz/Postpunk Duo, das seit Sommer 2019 in dieser Formation besteht, wird sich im Frühling in den Untergrund begeben und sein erstes Album verewigen.

Loather tries to musically express the dark, depressive though beautiful facets of life.
The main components of the sound are reduced, in order to focus on the whole opus.
Loather versucht, die dunklen, depressiven, aber schönen Facetten des Lebens musikalisch auszudrücken.

TAPE DJING/ Kassettenauflegerei of doom (des Untergangs) mit:
Die Qualle
DJ Plagerscharade
Kid Ra
DJ Gesez
and more!