Schadenfreude Interactive Stand-up Comedy #8

We're back for another magical night where anything can happen! Schadenfreude is an interactive comedy show, where the comedians talk to the crowd and come up with the jokes on the spot! It's highly improvised and always different, so forget about hearing old jokes here! Hosted by Reginald Bärris Comedy, the show features 4 hand-selected comedians who are quick on their feet and have proven themselves time and time again on stage. Every Schadenfreude is a night to remember, and this month's lineup looks to be a particularly fun one!

Featured Acts:
Siavash Alaghmandan Motlagh
Sonja Pikart
Christoph Fritz
Tamas Vamos

Doors Open: 20:30
Show Starts: 21:00
Entry: 7€ (5€ Students)

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