Save The Rave

Here comes the next attack of Rave On Crew, together with our friends! This time with Tekk, Core & much more, on 2 floors @ Flex!

To our first S.T.R. we invited some Czech hardtek pioneers, a pack of producers & liveacts with a full luggage of hard beats for you. They’re actively releasing on major labels, such as one of the biggest tekno labels, Undergroundtekno of Guigoo (Narkotek, Fr), or Amen4Tekno from Brixton, lead by Mandidextrous (UK), but two of these Czech guys are also leading their own underground label, called Digital Dealers. They’re all playing at huge events such as X-Massacre, releasing besides names like Radium, Osmik or Zone 33. And if it’s still not enough for you, just check out the list of our local DJs & be sure you don’t miss the madness!
Save the Rave!

☢ RACHOTEK // Amen4Tekno, Disqotek / CZ

☢ FLYP FERMENTOR // Undergroundtekno / CZ

☢ REAP MEXC // Beatfreak’Z Records, Combain Sound System / CZ

☢ MISS KATINKA // Groove Bagasch
☢ NOIZELEIN // Out of Ctrl
☢ VENENO // Rush Hour, Complete
☢ KOMP1 // Filmriss
☢ ANEK 1 // Piratek, Substorm
☢ SYST EHM 23 // Ehm
☢ BEAT CONDUCTOR // Hardbeat Society
☢ GOSH // Rave On Vienna, Nights of Hakkuh

Visuals: STANT
Laser show: BLAH

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