Salsa Gala - The Amazonas with ILKS Promotour

Shows, Animations, Trial Lessons, Workshops and much more.

Latin Room: Salsa & Bachata (Djorge)
Sensual Room: I Love Kizomba Sensual Promo tour meets Kizbomba festival (DJ On Fire & DJ Coração)

Information below;

Escape the Winter and join us at the Salsa Gala - The Amazonas, which will be held on the 9th of February 2019 at the Le Meridian Hotel in Vienna.

We are excited to invite you to experience the sunny world of Samba and Capoeira and to enjoy the social Salsa and Kizomba dancing with diverse dancers of all Styles.

This event will be attended by the professional instructors and Show-Groups to deliver incredible acts and workshops so you can experience the colorful spirit of Latin culture.

If you are looking to take your dancing skills to the next level, you are welcome to attend our Salsa and Zouk free trial lessons. If you have never danced Salsa before but you are passionate to dance, join the fun to find out what Salsa is about and try it out!

And for the lovers of sensual dancing styles, there is a new dancefloor in the sensual room where you can enjoy dancing to smooth Kizomba and Bachata beats all night long.

This event will provide something for everyone and we hope to see you there!

◢ Date, Time & Location:
Saturday, 09.02.2019
Entrance: 20:30 - Start: 21:30 - End: 04:00
▸Latin Room (Flamings) - Salsa & Bachata - Djorge
▸Kizomba Room (Valvets) - I Love Kizomba Sensual Festival - DJ On Fire & DJ Coração - link

◢ Trail Lessons, Animation & Show:
▸Trial lesson - Salsa - 21:00 - 21:20 - Latin Room
▸Trial lesson - Zouk - 21:00 - 21:20 - Sensual Room

▸Samba Show (Die Escola de Samba BATURIM) -
▸Zouk Show (Zouk Student Show Group - Zouk Club Wien)
▸Guajira Show (Mi Manera) -
▸Midnight-Animation - Ivan and Irisz - Mi Manera

◢ Entrance Fees & Dresscode:
€ 12,- Pre sales available at your dance school
€ 13,- Early bird available until 15.01. (sold out!!)
€ 15,- Entrance fee

◢ Dresscode:
▸Cocktail / Elegant / Colourful

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