Romance to the Front

Vienna's most romantic queer Party. Desperate Lovers on the battlefield.

Utopia is there, we just have to fight it back:

A nonlinear frontier with all kinds of background, bodies, desires and approaches to life and sexuality. We call to action, all of us, to celebrate who we are, regardless of who we fuck or how we identify ourselves, where we were born or what languages we speak. We get to stand together and dance. We are soldiers of ecstasy.

NO homophobia - YES queernes
NO violence - YES peace
NO racism - YES equality
NO sexism - YES love
NEVER boring - ALWAYS dancing

…I've seen the future. It's romantic!

Line up:

DALIA AHMED (fm4 Lemonade)
HipHop, R'n'B, Pop

THERESE TERROR (Hyperreality)
Minmal, leftfield electronic with pop anthems

romantic surprise!

doors: 22pm - 6am; 5 EUR

Vergangene Termine