Rhythm Science X Bordello A Parigi Recordstore

... let the rhythm do the talking.

This night will feature the two Amsterdamners Pieter Jansen and Hylke. They both work in the fresh and thriving Recordstore Bordello A Parigi and, of course, in some of the citys best night spots. We got to know each other randomly while they were playing a gig in berlin and we were so impressed by their records, that we had to make this happen. Another episode of "come to the club and see for yourself"

Line Up:
Pieter Jansen (Yeyeh / Ninih / NL)
Hylke (PLUTO Amsterdam / Kuma / NL)
Rizmo (Rhythm Science / Funkroom)
Reinhard Zach (Merkwürdig)

regular = 12€ / click "attending" = 7€ (until 1 o'clock)

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