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Reggae & Ska Summer Madness ft. ManaTapu

Hot Ska & Reggae Vibes in einer heißen Sommernacht.

ManaTapu (Reggae/Ska - Malta)
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The band name is inspired by, and composed of two separate words; 'mana' and 'tapu', which are found in Māori tradition and culture. 'Mana' is a word found in Austronesian languages translating to "power, effectiveness, prestige" often with supernatural and magical connotations. 'Tapu' is closely linked to the Māori concept of mana (respect / authority) and many view 'tapu' as the 'mana' derived from the gods.

'Mana' and 'tapu' are concepts which have both been attributed single-worded definitions by contemporary writers. As concepts, especially Maori concepts, they can not easily be translated into a single English definition. Both 'mana' and 'tapu' take on a whole range of related meanings depending on their association and the context in which they are being used.

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