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Rebuke / Forever Unclean / 21 Stories at Venster99

---------Rebuke (Sweden) - Melodic Punk/HC---------

Rebuke is a melodic punk/hardcore band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They've been around since 2003 and have recorded several DIY records. They like beer and overthrowing totalitarian elites.
Last year they did play at PunkRockHoliday in Slovenia and created an awesome Split EP with Money Left to Burn (DE).

---------Forever Unclean (Denmark) - Hardskate/IndieCore---------

Formed in early 2015 by the remains of Copenhagen skatepunk veterans Stars Burn Stripes after being a fun-in-between-tours-project for some months.
FU put out their first EP 'Shreds' on tape and minidisc via Incredible Noise Records (DE) and have been touring excessively across Europe ever since.

2016 have another EP release and summer festival tours in the making so far.

---------21 Stories (Austria) - Punk Rock/Street-Punk---------

Eine der Top-Adressen im österreichischen Punk Rock bespielt nach langer Pause wieder Mal das Venster! 21 Stories sind zurück von ihrer Album-Release-Tour durch Österreich und Tschechien, die neue "Penguin Petroleum" ist natürlich auch im Venster mit im Gepäck. (Gratis-Download via www.21stories.at). Schnelle Riffs, fette Chöre und jede Menge Spaß garantiert!

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